Heavy Rotation Records was developed for Music Business/Management majors at Berklee to gain hands-on experience in running a record company.
Under the guidance of faculty advisor Jeff Dorenfeld, former manager of the band Boston, the staff oversees all aspects of the label’s functions, including A & R, marketing, sales, touring, web development, media, and accounting.


Current Team:

  • Michael Slowey
  • Ioana Udroiu
  • Cynthia Cunningham
  • Angelica Franzino
  • Kevin Orlando
  • Andres Orco
  • Evan Green
  • Joseph Miller
  • Dong Won Kuark
  • Brandon Merritt
  • Jeremy Peters
  • Franchesca Phillips
  • Dylan Wells
  • Immer Portillo
  • Ricardo Regalado
  • Andres Padro Rosario
  • Tia Bowman
  • Kaylee Bugg
  • Thomas Grochowski
  • Joseph Zollars