What DJ’s Look at When Creating Playlists and Podcasts

Disk Jockeys better known as DJs gain their fame and audience depending on how well they mix their music. To achieve this, there has to be an order that apparently does not include picking and shoving just any music onto the turntable or any other music-mixing device. Good DJs have factors that they consider when creating playlists and podcasts depending on the occasion and the theme.


What are the factors that DJs consider during playlist and podcasts making?

The order in which disk jockeys play their music varies from one to another. However, there are ground rules that all great DJs consider, especially when they are creating a Heavy Rotation Music playlist. They include:


Music relation

Regardless of the occasion, the songs DJs put on their playlists and podcasts always relate. Once the DJ has chosen his theme, all the songs in the playlist will have a particular relation. For example, if the occasion is a wedding, all the music in the playlist will have something to do with weddings. This makes the music cohesive thereby bringing up the same happy and jubilation effect, as they should.


The tempo


Music rhythms are one major factor that all great DJs consider when creating music playlists or podcasts. If it is a general event where the DJ has a go ahead to play any music he feels like, the tempo becomes even more necessary. Some songs have a slower pace while others have quicker rhythms. Mostly, the DJ’s playlists and podcasts start with songs with slower tempos ascending to those with high speeds.

The tone

When making playlists and podcasts, DJs consider the sound. The main reason for this is to have a particular effect on the audience. Depending on the tone set, people can listen to the playlist once and discard it or may choose to go back and listen to the playlist again. DJs are careful not to mix different tones too as the playlist will sound jammed. The audience always wants a soundtrack for their life, knowing what to play under different circumstances is therefore important.

The audience



When creating playlists or podcasts, DJs always have their audiences in mind. They create playlists that will entertain the audience. In every great playlist, you can easily tell that the public appreciates it even when they do not understand what the songs entail. For instance, DJs play the latest hit songs that the crowd likes. Regardless of whether they like the song or not, as long as it is a hit, it must be in the playlist.


Being a DJ is a piece of art that requires a high level of professionalism. Good DJs, therefore, have a specific list of things that they consider when creating playlists and podcasts. Some of them include the audience they intend to entertain, the music’s relation, the tone and more so the tone. Without these, the songs in the playlists will not deliver the expected results.

Why is Berklee College So Important in Heavy Rotation Music?

Berklee College of music offers the best learning conditions especially to students who want to prosper in the field of heavy rotation music. Although the school provides learning in several genres of music, heavy rotation kind of music has had a huge success thanks to the dedicated teachers at the institution. Many people argue that music does not pay and may not be an illustrious career.


Berklee School of music seeks to change all this in a way that will be discussed below in this article:

Why learn at Berklee?

Berklee is an institution that seeks to teach passionate students and guide them in the right direction. Over the years, the institution has been a success especially in the field of heavy rotation music due to the following factors:

The teachers at the school are working musicians

At Berklee, all the teachers in the faculty of music are currently working as musicians. There is no better way for students to learn other than learning from the best. The teachers motivate the students against the notion that music does not pay and that it is a lame career. The result of this is many students have graduated as famous heavy rotation music artists from the school.

There are vast resources

Berklee School of music has hugely invested in music related resources. In turn, these resources give the students all the equipment and facilities that they need for proper learning. The department of heavy rotation music is one area that has hugely benefited from this. Every year, students graduate with nothing but praise for the favorable conditions accorded to them during learning.

Availability of a career development center

It is rare that you find a school that cares about the careers of their students. However, Berklee School of music has a Career Development Center that ensures students drive through the right path in their quest to become successful in the music industry. The tutors here push the students to their limits thereby bringing the best in them. For the heavy rotation music students especially, the development center has been a key to their career.

Provides a perfect environment for practicing music

If you eat drink and sleep music, then Berklee College of music is a place to be. Here, you will find a community of people all united with the same agenda of fairing well in heavy rotation music. Everybody here thinks and talks music. In addition to that, after clearing your studies, many people prefer Berklee graduates when offering job opportunities. Chances therefore that after you graduate, that studio that rejected you when you first applied might now want to set up an interview with you.



Berklee College of music has been pivotal in shaping how students learn heavy rotation music and other genres in the field. This is possible because the school has adequate resources, the teachers there are actual career musicians and the whole community eats and lives music. The students here get the exposure they need to concur the world of heavy rotation music.