Nini&Ben is the duo of vocalist/pianist Christina Fabi and guitarist Benjamin Gebert. Before arriving at Berklee, both traveled together through Europe and Australia for two years in an old VW doing various jobs, performing at clubs, writing music, and networking with fellow musicians. This lifestyle inspired them to capture the most profound moments in their warm and expressive folk-rock songs.

Shea Rose received a Berklee College of Music scholarship after interning at MTV, touring with MSN Music, and performing with Luv Jones. She hosted the Berklee Girls Rockseries at Matt Murphy’s Pub and opened for Nona Hendryx and Siedah Garrett.  Andy Buckley on quoted, “She can’t be put in a box. She’s the black Rickie Lee Jones . . . the female Lenny Kravitz . . . She’s a singer/songwriter who can plug a hole in a soulful folk tune with a bit of rap.”  Her funky style has captured the hearts of many.

Re-Up  smoothly grooves between hard-hitting hip-hop and soulful melodies.  The band is comprised of students Owen Ross, Chris Holdridge, Andrew Plourd, and Jeremy Vovsko and alumni Cliff Kuhn-Lloyd, Bryan Percivall, Cole DeGenova, and Keith Dickerhofe. The rhythm section lays down a rock-solid funky fire foundation while the horns add colorful riffs and the DJ pours hot sauce on top using effects and scratches.

Rebecca Muir is a Berklee graduate with a big voice.  Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, She has racked up impressive credits, including performing the national anthem at Fenway Park and sharing the stage with Steve Winwood, Gloria Estefan, Herbie Hancock, Paul Simon, Tower of Power, Christopher Guest, and the New Pornographers to name a few. She is currently performing original blues-pop songs with her band, and working on her debut album.

Nathan Reich makes love to acoustic folk-rock with fellow Berklee students, cellist Alexandra Spalding and pedal steel player Tom Bohlen. Said The Groove on Reich’s debut CD, “The group’s indie-folk blend weaves simple and elegant string parts, and tasteful pedal steel volume swells. The musical intricacies of ‘The Hard Stuff’ and ‘So Gratefully’ are as dreamlike and wondrous as Ronald Dahl’s classic novel James and the Giant Peach, while still retaining a mature, professional sound.”

White Shoe Brown Shoe is the collaboration of Berklee student Alex Britten and Patrik Gochez, two songwriters brought together by their love for music with a Kickin’ bowl of chili. Gochez was forged in the kiln of New England, while Britten was crafted in London and Los Angeles.  Students Andrew Nesbitt (drums) and David Lee (bass) signed on to run the groove train. The Shoes quickly grew in popularity with explosive live shows and are currently writing songs in an abandoned mansion in California.

Model Cars is a Berklee student band formed by pianist/violinist Claudio Olachea, who, after moving to Boston in 2006, began searching for musicians with the goal of playing original indie rock music inspired by intelligence, melody, and harmonic movement. Mike Day, the funky bassist with an appreciation for strong grooves, was the first to arrive on the scene. Drummer Kevin Lynch and guitarist Matt Berger, with an innate ability for creating harmony, soon joined the crew.

SuperVolcano – Berklee students David Khoshtinat, Matt Powell, Jesse Weiss, and Michael Thomas are four friends from the future, who, having found frailty in foundation, now fight the phantasmic facade of symphonic freedom by forcefully forgetting former forms. They face the frighteningly fast-approaching finality of their fortunate fates by finding fleeting feelings of unfathomably glorious euphoria, fostered by their fervent affinity for the frantically focused; the frenetic aesthetic of polyphony plus rhetoric.  Can you dig it?

SEX! (Need we say more?) is comprised of Berklee students Kyle VandeKerkhoff (guitar), Andrew Burri (vocals), and John Adams (drums); alumnus Skye Handler (guitar); and Josh Hari (bass).  The pure, raw quality of their live shows, where they play balls out, leave nothing behind after the set. The music of SEX! is a heavy mix of rock, blues, R&B, and soul, aiming to recapture the essence of the early days of real rock ‘n’ roll.